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For more than 15 years Ofakim Travel and Congresses has been specializing in the organization of scientificFf      
              business as well as private conventions and events, both in Israel and abroad      
We have produced, organized, and handled a wide and extensive range of projects during our course of business      
and are continuing to proceed forward as well as to develop along with today's changing technology and reality      
Due to the vast experience that we have acquired, we are able to offer a wide range of services that covers all      
your requirements, whether it concern a scientific convention, a business or a private event, the launching of a product      
logo or re-branding, a day of recreation or a diurnal seminar      
Ofakim's magic touch is embodied in the gentle balance of the professional and the personal touch     
 as well as the scientific and the organizational aspects
We are experts in finding solutions according to your changing needs and in executing them in a prompt and      
efficient manner within the dynamics of the production      
Similarly to the fact that every person is different, we believe that each individual convention      
event or experience is different, even if it has been running for already 10 years      
Consequently, the event requires a personal touch and individual care      
We believe that every single client, every participant      
every presenting company as well as every single detail and element that make part of the      
project's complexity require the highest level of attention      
Based on the understanding that God is found in the smallest of details      
we truly believe that these fine points are the core of the success of each single event      
How Does It Work       
Each project is managed by a personal project manager who      
apart from the responsibility of running and planning the function  will stand by your side all along the way      
and will support you in each  step of the journey. The project manager will present to you the best suppliers,  at the best prices      
    ideas and creativity, hotels and halls, design, food and beverages that are offered in the market – all of which are embedded      
within the client's budgetary framework      
What does it include       
Creation of a website      
Graphic design for the project      
Design of the invitations and the registration forms      
Mailing and distribution - by E-mails or by mail      
Promotion of the convention and recruitment of sponsors and boots      
Registration of participants      
Editing of the synopsis booklet as well as processing of submitted research papers      
Handling of the event's suppliers      
Organization of the event's main show / the convention's social events      
Management of human resources before and during the project      
On-site operation      
And above all, leading you to the finish line in a calm and happy manner
 including souvenir pictures as well as an edited balance sheet
that will show you the efficient financial management of the project
For Further Information You May Contact Us At
E-mail: knasim@ofakim.co.il
Tel: +972.3.7610.805/4
Or leave us a message and we will return you shortly